"Fun, realistic and terribly addicting!"
The new york time

"Finally a good carpfishing game."
B. Gates

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About us is a website that offers to play a free virtual carpfishing game
This website is edited by Anthony Roffidal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the datacenter is OVH.
Licence Creative Commons
Ce(tte) œuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 2.0 France.
This game uses cookies and sessions, only for game purpose.
Your data (picture, name, mail) will never be sold.
We might contact you to inform you about our news, or eventually about our partners.
If you have any question, contact us at contact[at]

All the pictures in the game are royalty free, property of Anthony Roffidal, lended by Prologic, or by players via facebook.
Unless you are the owner of a picture, don't use it without the mention "".

People that want to support our free creative common game can make a donation. As a thankyou, this player will receive a virtual gift, only for personnal use in the game. This thankyou gift is not a sold product, no complaints of any form can be made. Donation are altruistic.
CarpGame is a non lucrative project.
Players that want to delete their account can do so on the "Your info" page.

Good game!
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